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The WoolTribe Manifesto

We have had so many adventures! Between the two of us we have traveled the world, hot-wired a tractor, played college sports as a scholarship athlete, climbed granite cliffs, scuba dived, ridden in a helicopter, taken the LSAT in Tokyo (there's a story for ya...), stood atop the tallest building in Charlotte, NC, visited the press wing of the White House, and strolled through Stanley Market in Hong Kong.  We've done all this, and more.  But what we've realized is that experiences are great - but heart-centered experiences are WAY better! 

Experience has taught us a few things we hold dear - and we return to again and again in our interactions in life and business.

1. Quirky is good.

2. Laughter really is incredible medicine. But if you're in a pinch, you can substitute really good pimento cheese.

3. Life can be a colorful adventure, or not. It's up to you.

4. We don't have to be in agreement, but we have to be respectful of one another.

5. Fall, fire pits, and friends are good things.  They're even better all together.

6. The kitchen was made for spontaneous dance parties.

7. You'll always find a pocket knife or a multitool handy.  

8. Great teammates are like fresh ideas - they're awesome to work with, and important to have!

9. Strong is beautiful.  So are bold and creative...


We wish you great adventures - and even greater JOY! 

Sheri and Ladianne - Co-founders of WoolTribe, on a beach in North Carolina, wearing a scarf made of hand dyed yarn
Handwriting - signatures of Sheri and Ladianne, co-founders of WoolTribe

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