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At WoolTribe, we offer luxury wool products tailored for rebels – individuals who passionately embrace conscious living and responsible luxury.

About Our Tribe

At WoolTribe, our process is our purpose. We are on a relentless mission to revolutionize the world of fashion accessories by crafting 'Luxe for People Who Give a F*ck'. Our products not only redefine luxury but also embody conscious living and compassionate choices.

We take pride in creating products that stand as a testament to our values. From the very inception of our designs, we painstakingly build each piece from the land up, ensuring a supply chain thoughtfully curated with purpose that puts the welfare of land, animals, and people at the top of the priority list.

Our focus extends far beyond the products we craft; we are the pioneers of responsible luxury. By using 100% American fiber and fostering small geographic supply chains, we ensure that each creation not only meets the highest standards of craftsmanship but also leaves a net positive impact on the environment and society.

As creators, we embody innovation, artistic expression, and beauty. Our freedom of self-expression is contagious, inspiring our tribe of conscientious consumers, our “rebels,” to embrace their unique greatness, finding joy and purpose in their personal style.

We delve deep into research, guided by a holistic approach that allows us to challenge old problems in new ways. We provide fact-based fashion, empowering members of our fearless, creative tribe to make informed choices that align with their values.

And as responsible Rebels, we fearlessly disrupt the status quo, unafraid to expose what isn't working and reframe it in our own damn way. Our candid and defiant approach encourages others to break free from conformity and find their voices.

Luxe for People Who Give a F*ck

Our mission goes beyond selling products; we seek to foster a caring community that values inclusivity, environmental consciousness, creativity, and resourcefulness. Together, we strive for a harmonious coexistence where our love for the planet and each other shapes the very essence of “Luxe for People Who Give a F*ck.”


"In our collective history, we knew the people who raised our food and fiber, processed it, and transformed it to usable staples. We were all part of local/regional systems. But that got lost along the way. The day we couldn't sell our harvest anymore to a regional mill, knowing what happened to it and where it went, life changed. In the disconnect and anonymity that grew out of that shift, we all lost more than we realized. Today, we shepherd our wool through the hands of people we know, like the founders of WoolTribe, reconnecting the places, processes, and people who bring a traceable story and product to market again. For the small companies involved, like us, it contributes to purpose and community. We are connected again and stronger because of it."

Jeanne Carver
Founder, Shaniko Wool Co.

"Consumers today are more cognizant of where the items in their life originate. We stand behind this idea as more than a trend but a change in our culture. We chose to be RWS certified to ensure we knew and consumers knew where their yarn/apparel began and was processed. We could easily tell you that we knew where the sheep roam the hillsides, but RWS certification allows the ranches and processors to be 3rd party audited to ensure transparency and traceability. We became RWS certified to be held accountable to our customers and their customers on a new level."

Hannah Everhart
Meridian Specialty Yarn Group

"We are proud to be working with a partner like WoolTribe, whose mission and values are aligned to our NATIVA-SHANIKO wool. Our US wool farms are global leaders in certified and regenerative agriculture practices, rooted in deep farming heritage, knowledge, caring, and practices that have a positive impact on people, community and the planet."

Malvina Hoxha
Director, Business Development North America, Chargeurs

"In the bustling arena of brand collaborations, every once in a while, a brand emerges that truly resonates with our ethos at Oh Hello. WoolTribe is one such brand. As an agency, our creative spirit thrives on authenticity, boldness, and purpose-driven narratives. WoolTribe's commitment to conscious living and responsible luxury dovetails seamlessly with our vision. What makes WoolTribe stand out for us is the fact that they're challenging conventions, and in doing so, they're paving the way for rebels worldwide to embrace and flaunt their authenticity. To wear WoolTribe is to make a statement – a statement that is not just about fashion but a testament to conscious decisions, impactful actions, and a love for our planet. We’re happy to support and partner with this brand as it continues to pave the way for rebels everywhere!"

Natalie Micale
CEO, Oh Hello

"We love working with small companies like WoolTribe on product development as it allows us to truly work as manufacturing partners and provide our expertise to help companies make the best possible product. We enjoy working closely on these projects as we often learn valuable insights from our customers that make us better at what we do."

Joel Cohen
National Sales Manager, Artex Knitting Mills, Inc.


Ladianne Henderson

Chief Executive & Creative Officer

“I am deeply passionate about creating truly unique, sustainable luxury using American wool, reclaimed materials, and repurposed luxury goods.  I  adore unique, beautiful things, and believe they should be well loved, and enjoyed - that, in combination with my love for sustainable wool is the reason I am among WoolTribe’s founders. Having the opportunity to work with an incredible network of people and businesses, toward products that are more carefully created, more sustainably manufactured, is inspiring to me.”

Sheri L. Osborne

Chief Financial & Operations Officer

“Growing up in rural North Carolina, running around on my grandfather’s farm, learning to hotwire his tractor, care for our livestock and land, and be a good steward of the earth gave me a very clear view of the importance of sustainable practices. That is why, as one of the founders of WoolTribe, I am focused on minimizing waste, finding ways to increase our level of sustainability, and creating the highest quality, most long-lasting products we can. Holding a sustainable vision for our future means making sure we create the best processes today - which is at the core of my passion for WoolTribe.”

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