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Path in the woods

WoolTribe in the Wild: Remember that time?

You know how you can pick up an object and suddenly you are transported back to that one day, when you were hiking some sublime trail, or that time you were riding your bike along that boardwalk when you got that amazing phone call? That's such an awesome feeling.

We've made our way through all sorts of adventures, and the accessories we've worn during those amazing times are kind of like time capsules. We remember not only where we got them, and perhaps who made them, but sometimes we even remember exactly where the materials they're made from originated.

You just add to your stockpile of memories when you capture it all in photos and share them! We want to see you wearing and using your WoolTribe goods "In The Wild." We want to see you in the habitats you love most, doing the things you enjoy, while you're enjoying the things we love making for you!

Share your photos with us. They can be as mind-blowingly beautiful, or as stunningly simple as you want! Of course, we ALWAYS encourage the use of good sense. So, don't pose next to some flesh-mauling beast, or perch yourself at the edge of a cliff that towers above a gorge. But, do share your photos! We make luxury stuff, but we don't believe luxury stuff should just sit around.

Get out there, and get wild!

The WoolTribe Rebels

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