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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Celebrating the Tory Burch Fellows Program

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Celebrating the Tory Burch Fellows Program

In the world of business, the entrepreneurial landscape, once dominated by men, is seeing a remarkable transformation as more and more women break barriers, shatter glass ceilings, and create their paths to success. While challenges persist, programs like the Tory Burch Fellows initiative are paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for female founders. We have personal experience with this amazing program, and we’d like to share it with you!  Please pass this along to any female founder or business owner you know!

[The above photo is a screenshot from the Tory Burch Foundation website, and the woman in the white shirt in the photo on the bottom right is the author of this post, at the foundation's headquarters, during the annual fellows gathering.]


The Tory Burch Fellows program, a flagship initiative by the Tory Burch Foundation, embodies the spirit of empowerment and growth for women in business. Through this program, female founders are provided with a wealth of resources to nurture their potential, fostering an environment where they can learn, connect, and thrive. At its core, the program offers advisory, funding, and educational opportunities, acting as a catalyst for the success of women-led businesses.

Here at WoolTribe, we take immense pride in being associated with the Tory Burch Fellows program. As a business founded and led by a team that includes a Tory Burch Fellow, we understand first-hand the transformative power of such initiatives. The Tory Burch Foundation's commitment to uplifting women in business aligns seamlessly with our values, and we are incredibly grateful for their unwavering support of women entrepreneurs.

To honor the remarkable contributions of the Tory Burch Foundation and its founder, Tory Burch, we are excited to introduce the Iconic Founders Collection. This collection is a celebration of influential female entrepreneurs who have left an indelible mark on the business world. Each year, we will shine a spotlight on different iconic  founders, drawing inspiration from their journeys and achievements.

This year, we pay tribute to the visionary creator of the Tory Burch Foundation by featuring flashes of orange in our limited edition collection of WoolTribe Iconic Founders beanies. The color orange, prominent in the Tory Burch logo, symbolizes enthusiasm, determination, and creativity – qualities that embody the essence of both the Tory Burch Fellows program and the remarkable women it supports. We name every one of our beanies - and our exclusive Iconic Founders Collection beanies honoring Tory Burch and the Tory Burch Foundation are called The Founder, The Manifestor, and the Trailblazer.  Ranging from a warm natural beanie to a brilliant blaze orange beanie, these pieces serve as a reminder of the strength and resilience exhibited by female entrepreneurs every day.

We also absolutely had to honor Jeanne Carver, the incredible powerhouse, female, founder, and leader behind Shaniko Wool Co. We have her to thank for inspiring us to start WoolTribe.  More than a year ago a conversation with Jeanne turned into a phenomenal brainstorming session. Her enthusiasm and encouragement led to a collective "Aha!" moment. We decided to apply our expertise in hand-crafted color to creating carefully crafted, 100% American made beanies as our first accessory offered by WoolTribe.  It has been with her continued support and guidance that we have arrived at this moment. We feel incredibly blessed to be able to share all of the exclusive beanies in our inaugural collection of Iconic Founders beanies.

In a world where collaboration and support are the cornerstones of progress, programs like the Tory Burch Fellows initiative, and the personal coaching and guidance offered by women like Jeanne Carver, inspire us to continue pushing boundaries and embracing new possibilities. Together, we can create a world where every woman's entrepreneurial spirit is nurtured, valued, and empowered to flourish.

Here’s to all the brilliant female founders everywhere!

For more information on Tory Burch Foundation, visit their website:

For more information on Jeanne Carver’s Shaniko Wool Co, visit their website:

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